PassionSource Co., Ltd was established in April 2005 by a group of passionate IT people. PassionSource team has been providing custom web design service & solutions to our clients since 2001 and provides offshore software development & outsourcing services. We are a professional team of business-minded people who are driven by a clear vision and focus for the success of our clients and our organization.

Our advantages:
• Served more than 300 clients in 16 years. Developed multiple projects for some of our clients and established long term cooperation with them.
• 50% of our clients are foreign-owned enterprises in China or global companies.
• We focus our business on web design & web develop and web relevant business.
• Our graphical designers / programmers / project coordinators have many years Internet Industry work experience.
• We offer both Chinese language and English language services.
• Our clients have spread to companies in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, our designed and developed websites have good compatibility to global main web browsers, such as IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

For further information please visit our official English website or Chinese website, Thank you. Have a good day.


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公司专注于企业网站定制设计 电子商务网站建设 基于Web的定制网站开发业务,积累了丰富的网站建设、网站设计、网页制作、flash设计、电子商务网站定制开发业务经验,拥有外贸英文网站建设、高端网站设计、大型网站建设的专业优势,同时在电子商务网站建设、SNS社区网站建设方面积累了多个项目经验。我们致力于为企业用户提供专业、全面、量身订制 的网站设计开发服务和应用解决方案,还积极倡导先进的网络化信息化经营管理思想,引领企业在全球一体化的经济体系中以数字革命提升其核心竞争力。

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